Thursday, August 16, 2012

fair week.

Ahh... fair week. One of my favorite weeks of the year.

This was my fourth year. When I got there, I couldn't believe I had started fair at age nine!

But seriously, I love the fair. I did really well this year, too. Well, not with rabbits. In that area, I stunk. :p

Dakota got a participation in Conformation. Wilbur got a blue. JayJay and Pepper stayed home. I got a blue in Showmanship (I was aiming for Reserve Champion... but I didn't even make it to the champion round!)

I got GRAND CHAMPION IN PHOTOGRAPHY again! :) You can see the pictures I entered {here}. The one of Howard (the puppy :)) got a red ribbon. The one of the street got Grand Champion over the entire Intermediate division. The one of the girl got Champion over the entire Intermediate: People division. The one of the sunset got a blue (and they filed it under Junior...???)

I also got CHAMPION IN IRON CHEF!!! I did Iron Chef with Anne again :) The secret ingredient was pears. We made pork with pear salsa and pears with chocolate-cranberry sauce. It. tasted. amazing.

I got Reserve Champion in sewing. I entered a skirt that I had made to wear to school on Wednesdays (that's chapel day). I love the skirt so much - I'm making two more just like it, but with different fabric! (I use this pattern)

I got two blues for my speeches. My amazing friend, Rose got GRAND CHAMPION! I totally knew she would get it. She ADORES speeches. I don't know why... but she's really good at them! She loves political topics. And those can get boring.. but her speeches aren't boring! ;)

I think that's it...

Wanna know what book I'm reading???????

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My BGF (who I have known for eleven years) is loaning me the first three books while he is on vacation!!! (btw... thanks! lovin the book! ;))

I saw the movie at my friend's house... it was so good I had to read the books!

After that... I'm reading this book...

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*Lizzie* said...

I know! I always LOVE the fair too! Our fair is coming up and I'm super exciting! Can't wait to just take my camera and just snap away at all the colorful rides and interesting things! ;)