Wednesday, August 15, 2012


I'm so sorry I have neglected you!!! I've gotten a few questions via email, so I am here to answer them!


When does the photo challenge close?
The photo challenge will close on September 30th. That's over a month to enter!

The theme is "kids." How young does the kid have to be?
Anyone under the age of 18! :)

How do I enter a photo?
You have a couple options. You can post your picture on your blog and comment the link (or put the link in the cbox), or you can email me your photo at

Can I edit my picture?
Of course!


When does that start?
Whenever someone sends a question!

What kinds of questions will you answer?
Any questions! School, friendships, anything!

How will you answer them?
I'll look up passages in the Bible that talk about whatever subject the question is on. I will also bring in a few of my friends that I have met through blogging, or go to my church. But the Bible will always be in every answer.

How do I ask a question?
I am installing a "cbox" on my side bar. This allows you to remain anonymous when asking a question. Or you can just email me at


Are you still button swapping?
Yes and in fact I am looking for new button swappers :) I currently have four, and I would like around ten... (its a free way to advertise your blog!!! Why not???)

Where the heck have you been? ;)
I've been at fair! :) More on that later... ;)

I have a question for you! I am planning a back to school modest outfits series. What kind of outfits should I post about? So fair I have "girly" and "jeans and a t shirt." Email me ideas! Or put your ideas in the cbox on the side bar!

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