21 in 2012

2. Start a blog party
4. Design at least two blogs (headers, at least) (1) (2)
6. Eat healthy foods for a whole week. No candy, no fast food, no nuthin’!
8. Make fudge (never done it before)
9. Break out the camera and take pictures everyday for a whole month.
11. See a movie with a friend and then walk to a local coffee shop
12. Do two official photo shoots (friends, not family)
14. Sew something all by myself
15. Find 5 funny pictures of myself as a kid and post them
17. Stay off of the computer for two weeks
18. In November, plan my own birthday party all by myself
19. Learn something new (ahem...that is good....er....good to know...) from a christian teenager in between the ages of 15 and 18
20. Read three books in one week
21. Make a 16 before 16 list

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