Thursday, February 2, 2012

headers for godsgirlz1.

Hey, GodsGirlz1! These headers are for you!!!

If there is something you want me to change just let me know!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Grace! I like them all so much. I asked for one and you gave me 3! you are so sweet.

Could you tell me how you do the headers so maybe I could learn?

Sararose said...

could you design a button for me?(or two, or five?)?
one that says "Gods Girls" and another (three): "jUst a liTtle randoM"
"Brid's Dollhouse" "Zoo Tycoon" and "The Diary of Queen Lucy"
Thank you!!!!!
oh, and here are the links:

Thank you Grace!
Love Sararose xox

Anonymous said...

I saw the header you made on Godsgirlz' blog, and thought it was great!

I really like your blog and I'm going to follow it. =)