Tuesday, December 27, 2011

21 in 2012 - a new page.

You see a new page? A page you have not seen before?

YAY!!! New pages are always fun, right?

A page is missing, too?

Okay, yeah, I took away my journal page. Because, I got to thinking, isn't a blog like a journal? So it's kind of dumb to have a journal be a separate page on a blog, right? Plus it was taking up space...

All I did was remove the page from my blog visually. I didn't completely remove it from the web. You can still get to it at {this link}. I might write on it from time to time, but probably about once or twice a month.

Oh yeah...you wanted to know about the new page.


okay, fine, I'll tell you!

I thought you would never ask!

You know, I was just standing there, talking about pages, and you FINALLY asked!!!

Oh, you want to hear about it?


I have decided to have an online {21 things to do in 2012} list. See, I had a {11 things to do in 2011} list, but I didn't do anything on it.

That's right.


Originally, this was going to be {12 in 2012}. But I started writing a list....and well....it went on longer than 12.

So, you guys are going to have to MAKE SURE I do this and go through with it!

The list will appear (magically!) on the page on the 1st of January.

To make things fun, I will **try** to post it at 12 o clock.

That's right.


On the first minute of the new year.

Want to do this with me?

Come up with your own list, and comment or email {gracygirlblog@gmail.com} me the link to your list!!! Or, you can email me ideas for my list! I will be working on it from now until New Year's Eve.

Thanks for reading this long post {with NO PICTURES!} for me!!! :) You guys are awesome readers!!! :)

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