Saturday, January 28, 2012

lots of stuff.

First of all...I reached 60 followers!!! YAY!!! One via BlogLovin', fifty-nine via GFC. Thanks so much!!! You guys are sssssooooo awesome!!! {click here to see my 21 in 2012 list}

Legoland and Disneyland were both SO FUN! Legoland has two AMAZING rides: Project X (roller coaster), and I forgot what this one was called (I know, I'm super helpful) but it's an arm and you sit in it and get thrown around! Whew! You can also ask for it to be put on a setting for children from 40"-48"

Legoland is pretty sweet...but Space Mountain at Disneyland will always be my favorite ;)

I got an award! Thank you so much to Amber @ My Life Unmasked!!! You are super awesome!!!

So...I post seven random things about myself, and then I give this award to some more bloggers!

1. Man, I am horrible at replying to letters. I got a letter from Amber about two months ago, and I STILL haven't written back!!! I am a horrible person.
2. I am watching Faith and Jarrett swim in the hotel pool. Yes, I am still in California, watching from the hotel room. They asked me to come, but I went swimming last night, I don't want my hair wet, and if you've been swimming in Lake Tahoe, pools know, not like Lake Tahoe.
3. I am currently addicted to Cake Boss and The Next Great Baker (My BFF Anne is going to be on both of those shows someday...after she moves to Paris to become a world famous chef. Yes, I am planning my best friend's life. Weird? Yes. But that is just who I am. LOL!)
4. I am wearing a zebra print shirt that I made myself right now.
5. I feel like I am not posting enough pictures!!! I promise, I have some coming! All my pictures are on a wireless hard drive, and I am far FAR away from it, so I can't post pics right now.
6. I have planned THE BEST PHOTO SHOOTS EVER!!! Now I just need people to take pictures of...
7. I am addicted to scented hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. I even bought cute little cases for them! I put them on my camera bag...along with all my cute key chains ;)

I can't give it to Amber, because she gave it to me, but if she didn't, she would definatly be getting it from me right now.
3. Emma


*Lizzie* said...

Congrats on having 60 followers!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having 60 followers. I am having a challenge on my blog for me to get 50 followers. Want to check it out?


GuineaPiggyGirl said...

well done! 60 followers!!! : )

I hope you have a nice rest of your trip in California!


Kaylee Smith said...

Hey Grace!
I hope you are having a good time in California!
What is the irresistibly sweet blog award?
When I saw my name I wondered what it is.
Thank you for giving it to me though!