Friday, July 20, 2012

another photo challenge.

Click here for more info about the photo challenge

Yes.... another one. I didn't post the winners of the last one because ONE PERSON ENTERED!!!

But thank you, Rachel, for entering... here is her picture for the "Happy" photo challenge:

Isn't she pretty??? :)

Anyway, this time... I would be soooo haaaaapy if I got three entries. Only three. So, if my friends (that would be you) could maybe spread the word (and enter)... that would be amazing.

This photo challenge theme is kids! Show you best kid pictures. Kids are so cute:) Editing is totally allowed.

GUESS WHAT?! Speaking of photography, all of my fair pictures are ready to go! They have their paperwork, matting, and everything! I'll post them soon!


Lindsey said...

I'd LOVE to enter this contest! Do I just leave a comment that has link to where I've posted the picture?


Bailey said...

I'd like to enter, too!! Does Shelby count as a kid?? (she's 11) What's the deadline?

Ireland said...

I will enter!

His Handmaiden said...

I entered, Grace=) You should have received my email. Thanks!