Friday, July 20, 2012

please help me.

I'm going to a new school.

Ya, Grace is going to a five-day-a-week-school! I've never stepped foot in a real school before. I was homeschooled until the 5th grade, and then I started going to ACE, a school that's only three times a month. So, I was mostly homeschooled.

But this fall, when I enter the 8th grade, I'm going to go to UVC. And I need your help. I am super scared. I've been wanting to go to this school for a long time. I have lots of friends there, it has lockers (my life's dream has come true!), and it seems really cool. But I am freaked out out of my mind. HELP ME!!!

I don't know how to go to a real school. If you guys could leave some tips in the comments, or email me at, that would be AMAZING!!!!!!!

Thank you so much!


Britt said...

Hey Grace- you will do fine going to a new school!!! I was always scared my first day of school and I went there since pre-k. Everyone gets scared going back to school, so you aren't alone :) That's good you have friends there- that will help a lot! :) Just remember that God is with you and He is right by your side! If you need anything else or have any questions feel free to email me at :) I will be praying for you Grace!!

Emma said...

I am praying for you, Grace!

Also, are you still doing the advice column?

{Grace} said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for praying!!!

Emma - I'll do the advice thing if people want me to! ;)

Emma said...

Okay, I want you to :)

Bailey said...

Hey! I've never gone to a 'real' school either, but UVC is awesome!! I have quite a few other friends who go there, and they are in our sports league (btw, if you played sports for them, we might get to see each other sometime!!) You'll do fabulously, and have so much fun!! God Bless :)