Wednesday, July 18, 2012

it's wrong.

Abortion. It is wrong.

Some people like to think that abortion is okay. It's not. It's murder.

Some people say that abortion is not murder because the baby isn't a real person yet. They are a real person. If a French person came over from France to America on vacation, would everyone say that he/she was not French? No. He/she would be a French person in another place. An unborn baby is still a person, just not out of the mother's womb yet.

Do you know how many abortions happen each year? 44 million. That's too many, considering there should be none.

If you are thinking of having an abortion, please consider adoption. Don't kill a baby just because you don't want it.

Here are a couple pro-life links:, Right to Life

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Ireland said...

I agree soooooooo much!!!!! Good girl that you would be bold enough to post about it!!! I love it!

Brooke said...

That whole French thing was awesome! I will so use that. Great post. I also posted about this here: I loved this post. Great job!!:]

Hilda said...

I agree and that is what I told someone online who obviously had an abortion because she got all defensive. Abortion IS murder. If they don't want kids then don't go there. If it's too late, then give the baby up for adoption.

Proud of you for bringing this up to the Web!! :D