Monday, January 4, 2010


Academy for Character Education. Yes, I am going to a public charter school. It's kinda cool. Only once a week, homework is not that bad, and the girls there are REALLY nice. Right away I had friends. I walked into that classroom, and my friendship began. The thing I don't like is that Cromwell's Boy (the school book we have to read) is so boring. Let's change the subject. There is a ton of homework, but it's just like being home schooled. Five days of the week I do school at home, and two days of the week I am an hour away from home (it's a long drive). On Thursday there is club day and math tutoring. I am signed up for drama club. On Tuesday, it's the real thing. I am also learning Latin in ACE. I all ready know some Latin, but not too much. Want to know how to count to ten?

Unus (OO-nus)
Duo (doo-O)
Tress (same in Spanish)
Quatouo (quat-OO-o)
Quinque (quin-que)
Sex (sAx)
Septem (sep-tem)
Octo (oct-O)
Novem (nOv-em)
Decem (deh-ch-em)

That's how you count to ten in Latin!

ACE is awesome!


Randi Jill said...

ACE sounds like a wonderful place! (Great rhyme, huh?) What a wonderful opportunity for you! I'm not surprised you made friends the first day. You're a very nice person to be around. Drama Club sounds like fun. Let me know how that one goes...

Grace said...

ACE is a wonderful place! Nice rhyme...