Sunday, December 27, 2009

funny times.

Here are some funny things that were either said or done around our house:

We were driving away from Jack In The Box (look back in your memory and try to remember the old Jack In The Box sign), and my bro says, "I know how to spell box! B, and then a little fish!"
Everybody laughed.

This is when we lived in California. (My family has a history of airplanes)
Me and my mom were picking up toys when my mom said, "Look, Grace, your monkey has a tail, your kitty has a tail, your doggy has a tail, and Jay Jay (an air plane) has a tail"
I said, "Jay Jay doesn't have a tail, he has a stabilizer!"
I was pretty smart back then, I don't know all the airplane parts now!

Me, my grandma, and my dad had gone to an air show. My grandma saw a picture of a propeller, and, expecting me to say propeller, said, "Grace, what's that?"
I said, "That is a no touch!"

The way my sis used to sing 'You're a Grand Ol' Flag'
"You're a grand old flag, you're a high fly in flag
and forever in peace may you way
You're the emell of, the land I love
the home of the bean and the grave
Every heart beats true, for red, white, and oooh
where there's never a boast or brag
Should all equations be forgot,
Keep your eye on the grand, old flag!"

Everyone go back to toddler times, did you like 'this little piggy'?
My bro's name is Jarret.
Mom: Jarret, lets play this little piggy.
Jarret: Okay
Mom: This little piggy went to the market-
Jarret: That was the daddy. He went to Fred Meyer.
Mom: Okay, Jarret. And this little piggy stayed home-
Jarret: That was the mommy. She went to Fred Meyer, too.
Mom: Okay. We have a daddy piggy, he is at Fred Meyer. We have a mommy piggy, she is at-
Jarret: Fred Meyer
Mom: Were are we?
Jarret: The big one!
Mom: This little piggy had Roast Beef
Jarret: No, he had turkey. A turkey sandwich. With mayonnaise and mustard!
Faith: Could I have one, too, mom?
Mom: I am not making sandwiches! Okay. This little piggy has none
Jarret: That's right. He was at Fred Meyer, too.
Mom: And this little piggy cried 'Wee, wee, wee' all the way...
(Jarret laughs)
Mom: HOME!
(Jarret stops laughing, and gets serious)
Jarret: Was he at Fred Meyer, too?

We can never have too many memories, right?


Randi Jill said...

Hmmm...looks like someone copied down some stories from my computer. Great stories though, aren't they!

Grace said...

They DID come from your computer! The kids were re-telling the stories almost the whole way home! Seriously... nearly the entire 12 hours!

Grace said...

Oops, that previous comment looks like Grace wrote it, but really its her mom - :)

Grace said...


Yes, that was from your computer, grandma. The're funny stories! (and they really happend)

(This is Grace)

Grace said...

Comment confusion!!!