Thursday, October 25, 2012

10 things that are fun to do with best friends.

1. Yell at people in British accents as they skateboard down the street.
2. Form an inside joke that makes no sense but gets you laughing like there's no tomorrow.
3. Talk about things that annoy you.
4. Freak your BGF out by finding his spare key and breaking into his house when there's no one else home... MWAHAHAHA!
5. Stuff random and freaky notes in other peoples lockers... such as "I've been watching you," "I know where you live," "I can see you... right now," or "hey :)"
6. Bring your favorite teacher a Vanilla Latte from Starbucks.
7. Turn on a camera, play an annoying and stupid song, dance, and make a stupid music video that makes you look like idiots.
8. Talk about how gross and creepy that one guy is and how he follows you... everywhere.
9. Video chat, and take pictures of the computer screen and hope you catch the other one mid-sentence or making a funny face.
10. Talk for 45 minutes on the phone... when you're supposed to be folding laundry...

**I did all of these things in the past four days... I suggest you try them... it's fun :)**


Vincent the awesome said...

Hi i'm my name is Vincent.

i have already yelled at people in a British accent.

i have formed an inside joke that made no sense at all.

i have talked about thing that annoy myself

i have never broke in to a house

i cant stuff things in peoples locker because i'm home schooled

I think that's all the stuff i have done

fell free to check my blog out at

i LOVE getting emails

Britt said...

Great post!! :) I wanted to let you know I awarded you on my blog-

essentially curious said...

Well the British accents easy, I am British!

Layla and Josiah said...

Layla speaking. I have done like all of these things and more. Totally awesome. Would you mind if I did something like this on my blog. I would not use any of these but I would put a link to this post saying this is where I got the idea. Bye. Hope to hear back from you soon.

Layla and Josiah said...

Oh yeah, I just can't stuff things in people's lockers. Homeschooled, ya know.