Tuesday, October 23, 2012

letters, again.

dear j,
so... you're hard to figure out.  i guess that's all i've got to say about thaaat...

dear bff,
i'm always here for ya :)
btw... put some shrimp on the barbe!

dear math sub,
umm... you're a little mean.  requiring kids to write out on the board what they did to get a math answer does not work well with the algebra 1 class!  and... you're a little harsh when you tell kids to be quiet...

dear mom,
um, really? i have to get up at four a.m. to go to a field trip?  really?

dear followers,
you guys are awesome.  you still email me and talk to me even when i forget to blog... i really wanna meet you guys!  email me and we can set something up... :D

dear g,
you're annoying.  like extremely annoying.  i don't care if your dad owns the place i want to work in high school... i'm just gonna say, when you push my seat in english, take my food, its just annoying!  be a gentleman for once... please!

dear ms. c,
you are an amazing ballet teacher!

dear s,
you as a ballet teacher... not so much.

dear ninth graders,
ok, we have two classes together, and i have to be in the same car as you for three hours tomorrow.  so, please just include me?  in a conversation, a... anything!  its not fun being the one girl who nobody talks to!

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Emma Kate said...

lovelovelove this girlie(: xo