Thursday, August 23, 2012

what is making me nervous.


Ya. Scarey. I know.

So, hopefully I'll have locker 55, and this guy in a grade below me will stop hating me, my teachers will like me, Algebra won't be hard, the kids in my class won't freak me out, and that stuff.


Or, had. I went to my church campout, right? Super fun, but awkward at some points (you can read about THAT here). Anyway, I went to the playground with H, K, and M (H is a girl, K and M are guys). K brought his baby sister. This nine year old kid jumps in front of me (litterally, JUMPS) and looks at me with his freckles and flaming red hair and says, "Guess what? I'm going to follow you!"

I have never seen this kid before.

Then, seeing my look of, um, TERROR, he said "Well I just love babies" (I was holding K's sister)

And follow me he did. Pretending to keep his attention on the baby.

I handed the baby to H, and he stayed away from me. And the baby. Once I got the baby back, I had my stalker again.

So, K is kinda scaring him. And this nine year old kid runs up to me and yells "Your 20 year old brother is scaring me! And he's being a terrible parent!"

My 20 year old brother?

First, K is 13. Secondly, we are not related. Thirdly, PARENT?!

Nine year old stalker thought K's little sister was his little daughter.


Then nine year old stalker says "How old are you?

Me: "12."


This kid is scaring me by now.

I mouthed to K, H, and M, Help me!

Soon my stalker had to leave.


Now, you might ask, why is that making you nervous now?

Well, I always feel like someone is staring at me now.

It's scaring me!


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*Lizzie* said...

Aww girl! I'm sorry your a bit freaked out with this incredibly weird kid! Girl, I would be too! But listen to this, your older then him. You shouldn't be threatened by him! He probably doesn't (hopefully) know what he's saying! :D
And if this makes you feel better, I understand totally! I have had two boys follow me, more like creep me out! And even worse both were named James! They freaked me out! The one James seriously followed me around and staired at me and when I would sit down he HAD to sit next to me who was freaking me out! But anywho I showed him clearly I was NOT interested in him and he FINALLY after many times left me alone! So I know the horrible feeling!