Friday, August 24, 2012

movie review: monte carlo.

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Summary: (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) Grace has finally graduated high school, and she gets to go to Paris with her friend Emma! One problem - her step-sister Meg is coming with her. After their first day in Europe totally sucks, Grace thinks her life is over. That night, she is mistaken for a rich girl and immediately is given red-carpet treatment.

Romance: flirting, getting engaged, dating, cheating, kissing

Violence: none

Language: a**, cra*, di**

Other: talking about alcohol, lying, some clothes in the movie are not modest (AT ALL), people die, stealing

Rating/Age: 3.5 stars/13+

What I Thought: I loved this movie. Super cute, super fun. It was funny, too! Spoiler alert! The ending was very very very unrealistic. Grace ends up NOT getting arrested for stealing a million dollar necklace AND someone's identity. That's not real life, people! Even if she said she was sorry in front of everyone, the police would still arrest her. It does have a cute ending, though, when she finally "meets" Taio.

*This movie was rated PG, but I think it's almost (but not quite) PG-13 material

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Hilda said...

I agree, this movie should be like PG-13 because of the language. The movie is okay but there's parts in the movie where I think is just boring.