Saturday, July 7, 2012

beautiful blogger award.

Thank you to Ireland for awarding me!!! :)

1. Link back to the person who gave you the award (done!)
2. Answer the questions

1. Why did you start a blog, and why are you continuing it?
I started a blog when I was nine because my friend had a blog. I continue it because I have "met" some really cool people through blogging ;)
2. Describe a usual day of your life.
Everyday is different - especially in the summer. Yesterday I went swimming at Faith's friend's house, a couple days ago I was in Salem. Most of the time, I don't know what I'm doing on a certain day until it just happens! That's how I roll ;)

3. Best collaboration with a blogger?
I don't know... there are so many! Aunie always responds to comments, so she's always really nice... Lizzy sent me a friend request once, and that was the first blogger I ever "met." So there are a ton.

4. The worst collaboration with a blogger?
The worst is probably when someone stopped following me...

5. Explain what having this blog means to you.
I can share my thoughts, photography, style, etc. with a bunch of people. Then, I can "meet" those people! :D

Now I award five bloggers!!!
{1} Britt
{2} Aunie
{3} Lizzy
{4} Faith
{5} Emma


Stephanie said...

Hi Grace,
I've just nominated you for the Leibster award... check it out at

Britt said...

Aww..thanks so much for awarding me Grace!! I just got this award so I probably won't do the post again- but thank you so much for awarding me- you are so sweet!!!!

Brooke said...

I awarded you!

Ireland said...

I awarded you Grace!

Emma said...

Cool award!