Wednesday, July 4, 2012

movie review: brave.

Summary: Brave was such a good movie! I loved it. It's about an eighteen year old girl named Merida, who is the princess. She's always been a tomboy, and when her Mother announces that men will be coming to compete for her hand in marriage, she just can't control her anger. She doesn't want to get married! The first born of every clan will compete for her hand. Merida soon decides that because she is the first born, she can compete too! If she wins, then she won't have to marry anyone! Her mother becomes very angry at the thought of it. Merida soon finds a witch who will change her Mother, but will she regret her decision?

Romance: marriage

Violence: Being attacked by a bear

Language: None

Other: mother/daughter anger (gets resolved at end), some scarey images (see violence), a little cartoon nudity

What I thought: Excellent family movie!

Rating/Age: 4.7 stars ages 5/6+ (some scary images)


Meena Kat said...

loved this movie!

Anonymous said...

Love this movie great review!

Ireland said...

I am totally seeing this movie!!! And I awarded you at my blog!!!