Saturday, June 23, 2012

no makeup.

I haven't worn makeup for five days.

That's right. Five days.

And I'm OK!!!

I kinda have a small addiction to makeup....

BUT THAT IS NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Because I am still beautiful without makeup... just like you :)


Emma said...

I am not allowed to wear a lot of makeup yet :) I am not sure if I will :)

His Handmaiden said...

Ah, Grace. The beauty of discovering how beautiful YOU ARE without make-up.

I recently went for a couple of weeks without make-up. By went, I seriously mean I went everywhere. Ah, I was so tempted. But then I realized it was more of a heart issue than a beauty issue. And in those two weeks, I asked G-d to work in my heart. I felt like a butterfly by the end of the weeks. I felt so beautiful and loved- I had understood in a new light that my Maker had made me beautiful. At the beginning, I looked at the flaws. But, during those weeks, I asked myself, "Does G-d even CREATE flaws?!" I concentrated more on my heart's beauty.

Plus, I had NO skin blemishes at all by not using make-up to cover it up (a bonus!)

When I began using it again, I used it in minimal amounts (you can barely tell it's there). But, recently, I've been feeling the need to go without again. WHat I experience every time I do this is too beautiful for words. G-d is sovereign. May He bless your time off this! You are BEAUTIFUL, just the way He made you to be.

resting in His arms,

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