Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a real post.

I have wanted to do a "real" post lately.

You know, the kind that is long and there isn't a gap between each sentence.


I'm doing that right now.

Onto my Real Post:

I have always been SUPER girly. I wanted to start wearing makeup when I was five. At age ten I was buying my own clothes (with Mom's money, of course. Let's say choosing my own clothes). So, about a month before my twelfth birthday, I asked my Mom the question that Mom's really don't like hearing.

"MOM! Can I wear mascara, eye liner, blush, lipstick, eye shadow..."

The list went on and on and on.

So, my Mom and I came to an agreement. When I turned twelve, I could wear mascara and lipstick whenever I wanted to (I was already wearing lipstick...but I had to ask first. So, about twice a month I would put it on). I WAS SO EXCITED!

So, now, being 12 years and three months, I wear mascara and lipstick.

Every. Single. Day.

If I do forget, I refuse to go somewhere beyond the front door. Even if I know I would be cooped inside all day, I put it on.

It's become embarrassing to not wear makeup. I have that feeling that I won't be "pretty enough."

Who is more beautiful?

The girl wearing no makeup with a huge smile across her face, or the girl with loads of makeup and a snobby attitude?

Now, wearing makeup isn't wrong, we, er, I, need to control the whole makeup idea.

If I'm letting God's light shine through me, makeup doesn't make a difference.


Ireland said...

Good post Grace! I think the girl with no makeup and a big smile is more pretty than the girl with TONS of it on!


p.s. Thanks for taking my button, I'm putting yours on tonight!

*Lizzie* said...

A girl wearing NO makeup but instead wearing a big bright smile is the more pretty. The kind of beauty God likes is REAL beauty, and that is letting His light shine. Not caring what the world thinks about you and not going with the flow of the world (wearing makeup) but instead letting your light shine and sticking out to people by not going with the flow. That is called beautiful. Beauty from the inside out, that's what matters.

Hey! I still don't wear makeup ;) And I'm going to be 15 soon! But hey! I've learned to not care! I actually like not wearing ANY makeup! ;D

Simi said...

hmmm...this was really interesting for me to read. i'm not going to wear makeup until i'm 16, although sometimes i wish i could wear just a little now and then. i need to remember that a smile is much more beautiful than any amount of makeup.