Thursday, June 28, 2012

do you hate legos?

this is a scheduled post... i am at camp harlow!!!
Cause I do. Mostly.

And here are some reasons why...

image source
be careful while going back to the image source, because there was bad words in this picture that i removed.

If you've ever stepped on a LEGO. . .'nuf said.
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soooo true!!! anyone can do that.... if ya wanna be impressive, step on a lego and do not scream!
lol ;)

true!  Anyone who's ever stepped on a Lego understands.
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have you experienced #3? cause i have.

SO TRUE! Can't count how many times I've stepped on lego!
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turn 70% into 100%

ok... i hafta admit... this was kinda funny :)
image source

BTW.... I LOVE {this board} and {this board}


Marissa said...

This is so true and funny!!!!!

Re-posting like right now!!!!


Emma said...

LOL this is funny!! I love legos anyway though ;)

Hannah said...

Tim Hawkins did a video about stepping on LEGOs.

It was funny. He said we should fight the terrorists with LEGOs.

Haha. :)

Emily said...

Hi there! I just found your blog :)

Yes, stepping on legos has to be about the worst pain out there. Unfortunately for me, my sis LOVES to leave hers all over the floor... haha

Emma said...

Hi! I am Emma! I love your blog... I hope you will check out mine. . It is called Living Fully by Faith .


Ireland said...

This is hilarious!!! But so true! And I've got siblings to leave them out for me! :)


Lindsey said...

Like Hannah said, Tim Hawkins did a video on legos. It's called Dangerous Toys, part 2. You need to look it up. I laughed till I cried! Here's the link:

I LOVED playing legos when I was little, but I'll admit, they hurt like CRAZY! Also, stepping on a barbie doll brush is painful too...

Sunshine said...

You are so right!!!!!!!!!!!

My brother is lego crazy.
Finally someone understands my pain!