Friday, May 25, 2012

the treehouses.

YAY!!! I just got back from the Treehouses!

{Click here to view their website.}
{Click here to see pictures from last time I went}

We went for Jarrett's birthday. It was so fun!

And THIS time we went on the Tarzan Swing.... this is a video of me. You get pulled into a tree (30 ft. in the air) and then you..... DROP. I hesitated when they yelled, "LET GO!" See the following video...


Ireland said...

How fun!!!! Love it! Oh and I'm glad to see your back! Missed your awesome blog posts when you were gone!


Rachel said...

Holy cow! That looks like so much fun!

Emma said...

Hi Grace!

I just wanted to thank you soooo much for following my blog, The Ramblings of Emma! You are really nice and I hope we can become great friends through blogging. :)