Monday, May 18, 2009

treehouse time.

Sunday night I slept in a treehouse! It was sort of a hotel thing; there are a bunch of treehouses, and you go online and pick the tree you want to sleep in. Here's the link: We slept in the Forest Tree, and we got to go in a few others: the Swiss Family, and the Pleasant Tree. I liked them all! It was my sister's birthday the day before. There was a zip-line, mosaic, tarzan swing (we didn't go on it, but I watched and it looks fun), and two swings that were free (that was: a rope swing, and one that I have a picture of) We also met a few friends: a nice boy, my age, and his baby brother. My brother and sister met friends, too. I have some videos and pictures of the activities. Also, the cute little baby's dad, Seth, is a professional magician. You can look on his website: He also does kids birthday parties. The zip-line is a total of one hour (there are about five runs, I have a video of one). Its so fun! Then afterwards we played on the little one that doesn't require a helmet or any gear.


Robert said...

looks like a very fun place. Bet you all had a very good time.

polkie and dottie said...

That looks cool! I wish I could go there!

Randi Jill said...

This sounds like so much fun! Love the pictures! Weren't you a little scared going across the suspension bridge? It's a good thing you don't walk in your sleep!