Sunday, January 22, 2012

california, movie, and tag.

Hey!!! I am in California! I will be in Legoland tomarrow!!! Chances are, I will not post or check my email for about a week. Thanks for understanding!

So, last night I spent the night with my cousins (super fun!). We watched a movie I had seen before, The Last Song. I cried and cried and cried (very loudly). And I kept crying until about 11:30 (the movie ended at 11). VERY sad, emotional, romantic, awesome movie. This girl named Ronnie goes to visit her Dad right after being arrested for stealing. She meets a rich dude who she thinks is a freak, but starts dating him when she sees that he is super nice (or course). Long story short - her Dad dies WHILE LISTENING TO HER PLAY A SONG ON THE PIANO THAT HE WROTE AND RONNIE FINISHED!!! You will understand why that is so emotional if you go see it (it's on Netflix).

I was tagged by Hannah @ Hann-y!!! Thanks girl!!!
1) post these rules
2) you must post 11 random things about yourself
3) answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
4) create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer
5) tag some other bloggers and let them know they have been tagged

1. Sometimes I eat the crust, sometimes I don't
2. I am wearing a Lake Tahoe shirt right now
3. I entered three giveaways in the last 5 minutes
4. I love the number 6
5. I am almost ready to eat dinner
6. I am on my Grandma's computer
7. I am obsessed with the word HELLO
8. I am spinning
9. I doodle on homework
10. I don't like math
11. I am on question 11

1.What is your favorite type of wood? Uhh....wha?
2. What is your favorite movie? Either Courageous, Soul Surfer, or The Last Song
3. what is your favorite book? The Daughters of the Faith Series
4. The best vacation would be...? LAKE TAHOE!
5. Do you like Lady GaGa? Two of her songs...but she's scary...
6. Do you have a crush on Justin Bieber? Uh...let me think, NO! (Sorry JB fans...)
7. What is your favorite song? Right now, Wobble by Famil Force 5. My fav song changes about once every two hours.
8. What are you doing right at this very moment? Sitting in a chair
9. How would you describe yourself? Funny, crazy, and fun
10. Where do you think you'll be ten years from now? Starring in my own TV show in Lake Tahoe, owning a photography studio, and doing lots of web design
11. How did you feel when I tagged you? Happy and excited! It's been a while since I've been tagged...

1. Do you consider yourself crazy?
2. Do you like to design your blog by yourself, or do you hie someone else to do it?
3. Most recent movie you have cried in?
4. What are you starring at right now (other than the computer)?
5. What question are you hoping I will ask and what is the answer?
6. Best thing that happened today?
7. Do you have sloppy handwriting?
8. Print or cursive?
9. What is the weirdest thing you thought/did when you were little?
10. Are you totally DONE with answering questions?
11. Are you sarcastic?

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Jessica said...

Thank you so much for tagging me! That's actually the third time I've been tagged with this :D

Kendra Lynne said...

I love the movie Courageous too! And I don't like math either. =P

Rebecca said...

hey..i just tagged you for this lol