Wednesday, May 25, 2011

animal update.

Jay Jay


Hey everyone! Pics of my rabbits!

Here are my sweet bunnies - Dakota (girl), Pepper (boy), and Jay Jay (boy). Pepper and Jay Jay both have won red ribbons at the fair this past year (2010). I bought Pepper at the fair in 2009. Dakota was purchased from the same breeders I bought Pepper from.

Dakota's first litter of babies all died. There were nine. She is again (hopefully) pregnant and due on June 26th.

I also have a male hamster, who keeps me up ALL NIGHT LONG. His name is Thunder, and when he wants more food at 3:00 a.m., he lets me know. Hamsters are nocturnal. Yay. I so happy (not). PLUS Thunder only likes the big nuts - not the little ones. So he only eats half of what I feed him.

But I can't part with him :)


Next are my fishies. Sunshine, Tigress, and Pancake. I won Sunshine at VBS last year. Tigress and Pancake were obtained in a huge "jar" of fish bought from a girl going into college. The fish were divided among Faith, Jarrett, and me.

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