Wednesday, May 25, 2011

random question.

Another random question!

If you were to go anywhere (and I mean ANYWHERE. You are not limited to Earth), where would you go?

Examples: Disneyland, Boston, Mars,
Another Galaxy, Missouri, etc.


salbelle said...

Well, Gracie Girl, right here at your blog is a pretty good place in the world to be ;) If I could be anywhere (else) in the world I would be in Africa helping in a medical missions hospital. I even wanted to do that *before* I met Pinky! I get to be in the best place in the world right here in Douglas County. Ilive in absolutely beautiful country where I can ride my horses right in the midst of God's amazing creation. It is the best I have seen in the world so far. Love you and miss you! Ms. Sally

Grace said...

Thanks, Sally!

I would probably just stay in Douglas County and ride horses, too, unless I ever get the chance to go to the moon :)

horses said...

i think the top of my head, that is the one place i can think of that i really have a desire to visit!