Sunday, February 28, 2010


Three days ago I came back from California! My family and I saw old friends, went ice skating, and went to the Charles M. Schultz museum. I had a great time. First I saw my cousins. We played lots of games together (and listened to Miley Cyrus!).
Next we went to see my 'first friend'. Our parents met at a parenting class. We were due the same day, but born two days apart. We were both late.
We went to the park with her texters, and when we came home hot-dogs were ready!
Next we went to the hotel. Awesome swimming pool!
Then I saw my old friend, who has six siblings. Five girls and one three-year old boy. All together, that seven kids! Talk about a big family!
We came home and I was sick. I still have a cold, and I'm not going anywhere tonight. (Mom's orders)


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