Saturday, December 26, 2009

my life.

My grandparents are here! Check out the Grandma's Writings blog for her update.
My friend from Washington will be here anytime now! I can't wait to see here!
I switched rooms - I now share one with my sister. (She can NEVER keep it clean!!!! ahhh!)
For Christmas, I got a Planet Earth DVD game, a paint set, LOTS of books, two Webkinz (, and other stuff. My bro in NOT allowed to touch my new stuff. (ha ha)
I don't know if you remember Pepper, my doe (I still have to get pictures!), turns out, she's a boy! Now I have to BUY another rabbit! I think I can live with that ;)
I learned Minuet in G, Ode to Joy, Shepherd's Song, Au Clair De Lune, and Curela De Vil on the piano. I feel like a pro (heehee)
We still have non-eaten gingerbread houses! If you know my mom, I can see you fainting right now. Yes, my mom is okay, but once my grandma comes, she eats every batch of cookies we make (with the help from grandpa)!
My blog has only 18 posts (so far)! I really need to be blogging more (the thing is, my dad is the only person who knows the password, so its hard)
I also got a babysitting job! I go over to my next-door neighbors house every Monday.
My bro got some walkie-talkies for Christmas, and I'm trying to keep him quiet!
Oh, my gosh! My brother is so funny! We have watched a lot of Christmas movies, and this is what he said on the walkie talkie:
"I hope you have a nice Christmas cheer, hee hee hee. Good bye, stinkie goodie!"
Our neighbors had a baby!
I just shut that walkie-talkie off!
Well, I better go. I'm hungry!


Randi Jill said...

I thought you always shared a room with your sister. Glad to hear you're learning new pieces on the piano. Playing the piano is something that will be enjoyable and most helpful throughout your life. Keep it up!

Grace said...

No, we have been swiching rooms for a while. We just got the last finishing touches!