Saturday, October 31, 2009


We just got finished with my dad's birthday party! The Halloween carnival was awesome!!!!! I got a bag with tons of candy! There was a bowling game, fishing game, even a cake walk where I won a cake! I will post a picture of it soon. I can't that in five days I'll be ten! My motto: 'Always look forward to being a double-digit-not-so-midget...' I added the 'not so midget' part because I'm not a midget at all. People always think I'm eleven, not nine (really, ten), and I weigh 100 pounds exactly. I also can't believe I am going to be away from my bunnies and hamster so long! :( I know that my rabbits are in good hands- my friend is taking care of them for me. She is very careful about her rabbits- anyone's rabbits, actually! Thunder (my hamster), lets just say he's A.O.K. I am at my grandma's house right now. She moved into a new apartment since I've last seen her! She wanted more space because she got married (at least I think so). I just got REALLY filled up on sweets- I'm good!!!!! Its late, got to go! (I will post pictures of Pepper as soon as I can)


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Randi Jill said...

What do you mean, you "think so?" You "think" I got married, or you think we needed more room because we got married? Ha! Well, you're right...we needed more room once we got married since Grandpa had stuff and I had stuff and we had to find room for all that stuff! We sure enjoyed having you stay with us!