Wednesday, May 30, 2012


dear bff,
thanks for always being there. when people started to make fun of me at camp, you stood up for me. that time i sneaked into your neighbors yard, you told me that i shouldnt, but i didnt listen. then when your dad saw me, you took the blame. you do your best to agree with what i say. and, until the third grade, you let me believe that santa claus was real. youre awesome.

dear someone,
you drive me crazy, ya know? am i annoying to you, or am i a good friend? speak up, dude!

dear 4h leader,
one word describes you: awesome. i love ya! you have been helping me develop my talents since i was nine. you drove me to fair everyday when my mom had younger kids and couldnt just leave at six a.m. you let me ride your horses. you even let my lamb stay at your house, and you feed him in the morning!

dear piano teacher,
first of all, congratulations! you are going to have a baby this week! im sure the little girls are gonna be a big help with taking care of him (although the two year old told me she wouldnt go near his diaper). thanks for helping me prepare for my recital on june 8th, even when you were eight months+ pregnant!

dear readers,
like my lower case post? :) thank you so much for reading {growing up grace}. its because of you that i blog. you guys are amazing!

dear jocee,
thanks for the inspiration to do this "letters post"! i love your letters to eli, and im sad hes gone. i look forward to more of your posts!

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