Tuesday, May 29, 2012

having a crush on someone ( a repost).

This was re-posted from Beloved Star by permission from Nela.


Honestly, haven't we all had that feeling before?
Let's say that you have this really great guy friend since childhood, and as you both get older you start to notice him far more as you did when you were younger. Then from out of the blue, you find yourself actually liking him! Has that ever happened to you?
Or maybe one day at church a new family comes to visit and they have a son that's close to your age, and suddenly you can't stop thinking about him?

I'll admit it can be hard sometimes to keep our relationships with our guy friends as brothers in Christ.
Some find it easy to do, while others...eh, not so much.

So here are top 5 ways of keeping yourself emotionally checked when it comes to dealing with crushes.

#1. Don't be flirty around them
It can be hard to keep our emotions checked when we're around our crush. Sometimes you can't help but do something to get their attention. Instead treat them with respect and honor, and don´t go over board by showing too much attention to any particular guy.

#2. Dress modestly around them
Now girls, we should all know that guys see us differently than other girls do. It can be hard for a guy to keep his thoughts emotionally pure if you're dressed "immodestly" in front of him. So why don't we help our brothers in Christ out by dressing and acting in a Christ-like modest way?

#3. Support your local chivalry
When a guy offers to do something nice to you, accept their offer with grace and gratitude. As godly ladies we are to encourage our brothers in Christ to be gentlemen and to ready to assist those in need.
And try not to let any of that chivalry go unnoticed! Remember to say thank-you, and perhaps tell them how much you appreciate their help. :)

#4. Be kind
As Jordan from Blimey Cow once said, "Don't be nice to him just because he's the guy that you like, be nice to him because you're nice to everybody." Couldn't have said it better myself. ;)

#5. Be yourself
If he's the right guy for you, then he will like you for who you are. Not for who you pretend to be. It's better to be true to who you are than to lie to others about what you're really like.

Well there you have it! 5 easy steps to treating your guy friends as brothers in Christ.
Hope these tips were helpful to you. :)



A note from me, Grace;)

I decided to ask Nela if I could repost this because I know this is what a ton of girls struggle with - how to handle a crush! If you have a crush, remember to keep your mind pure. See them as a friend instead of a "boyfriend," especially if you are younger, like me. I believe that dating as a preteen or early teen--which is very popular--is not okay.

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Ireland said...

This is a really good post! I am 14 and I have decided I am not going to date at all. I am going to do courtship. I think these are great ways to keep yourself pure!


Britt said...

Great post Grace,thanks for sharing this!! I agree, preteen dating I think is not necessary. I love the 5 steps- they were great!