Wednesday, March 28, 2012

book review: the mostly true story of jack.

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I. LOVED. THIS. BOOK. Thank you so much to Sierra for writing a review about it! It had Magic, but was in the Modern world. I loved it! I read it in about two or three days. Amazing book! Five stars! I think it would be appropriate for kids aged 10-11+


The Mostly True Story of Jack is an exciting book about the secrets of Magic. It starts with Jack in his home town: San Fransisco. His parents are going through a divorce. It seems as if they are forgetting about Jack. His Mom can't even remember his name! Jack has no friends. It's like he's invisible. He can get on a bus and not have to pay because no one sees him.
Then his Mom takes his to a small town in Illinois to live with his aunt and uncle - two people whom he has never met. But they act like he's been to their house before. Jack can't figure out why. He keeps hearing them have strange conversations about Magic. Jack thinks that they are only fairy tales.
Then everyone in town starts to notice Jack. Jack thinks this awfully strange, since he had literally ZERO friends back home. What is with these people? Or is it something with him?

Romance: Two kisses (one on the cheek and one lip; not too much detail)

Violence: Bullies beating up other kids, Guardian of Magic captures a boy and returns him with scars on his face, two cats and a parrot attack bad people, Someone wants to kill Jack, Stealing people's souls

Other: Magic

Note that the first two or three chapters are SUPER confusing. It was so confusing I almost didn't read it! But after you get past 2-3 chapters, everything (well, almost;)) makes sense and is very exciting.

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Sierra said...

You are welcome girly! I really enjoyed this book :) Some of the children's books I read are simply amazing on terms of plots and characters. I'm so happy when I find a good one. I would recommend Savvy by Ingrid law. It is a great fantasy type book. great review! Sierra
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