Wednesday, February 1, 2012

picnik is what?

Now that Picnik is about to leave... I'm sad :(

BUT...There are more programs we can use!!! The Blog Tap is a blog set up by a wesite designer, and it just helps out people who want help with blog stuff. I guest posted {here}.

Anyway, someone did a guest post on alternatives to Picnik. See it {here}.

I checked them all out, and my favorite is Pixlr: Express. It's easy to use, and I LOVE it!


Anonymous said...

*weeping biterly* I *sob* guess I will *sob* go check *sob sob* out the *sob sob sob sob* Piclr: Express! *very sad because I am checking out a different website*

You know how I feel!

Anonymous said...

OOPss I forgot to ask you something about my header. Could you please make it around 980x155 pixels.

Anonymous said...

Grace, I changed some of the pictures on that one page that I posted. Hopefully these will work.

Ruby Girl said...

I like Pixlr! I know, I was super sad to hear picnic was going, but I think it will save me time in the long run, I won't spend tons of time dinking around with photos haha maybe?? <3 Lindsey of Ruby Girl {{}}