Thursday, June 23, 2011

saving grace summer youth program.

This week I have attended the Saving Grace Summer Youth Program. It is really fun! I watched a dog get spayed, learned how to train a dog, listened to many speakers, AND I fell in love with the best dog ever. His name is Bruno but I'm not allowed to get a dog... :(

There are about ten kittens in Saving Grace - and still more cats! There are 20 dogs and 3 rabbits. If you are able to adopt, please do!!! Those animals are really cute! My parents won't allow me to get another animal :( Keep in mind that only 16% of the cats who come into Saving Grace make it out alive :(

If you can't adopt, think of fostering. It's when you take in a sick or young animal that is not able to be adopted out yet. Then, when it's older or better, you give it back to Saving Grace and it is adopted.


P.S. NEVER watch an animal get spayed if you don't like blood and guts... I had to leave half way through!

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