Thursday, June 23, 2011

i want to be.

This is what I hear a lot of people say. I say it myself.

"I want to be a singer or actress, just like Hannah Montana or Taylor Swift!"
"I want to be a famous book author, just like Beverly Cleary!"
"I want to be a comedian, just like Tim Hawkins!"
"I want to graduate college when I am fifteen! That would be cool!"
I have even heard, "I wish I were a cat."


God placed all of us were He wants us placed. God didn't want me to be Justin Bieber (thank goodness!!!), He wanted me to be Grace. So I'll do my best to be Grace.

I have laid awake at night before, telling myself, "Why won't mom let me move to Hollywood and just let me star in Disney's next film?"

Because God doesn't want me to star in Disney's next film.

What I've found has helped me is to list all of my blessings and count how many there are. I am very privileged to be Grace instead of Selena Gomez or Rebecca Black (by the way, Rebecca Black does not posses the blessing of writing good songs).

And I am going to continue to be Grace... just where God placed me.

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horses said...

Amazing way to put it! Great worldveiw!