Saturday, March 5, 2011

young love.

Dakota and Pepper got married! My friend and I had a little huge ceremony. It was so much fun! JayJay was the minister and Thunder was the flower girl! We used Build-a-Bear clothes for outfits.

I also bred Dakota and Pepper today. Dakota is expecting kits on the 7th of April. Faith is going to get the pick of the litter. She's getting a girl and name it Anna.

These were the vows:

Do you, Dakota/Pepper, take this male/female as your husband/wife for richer or for poorer, for happier or for hoppier, for Ducks and for Beavers as long as you live?

The bride and groom together

Flower girl getting ready

Picking out an outfit for each
animal in the wedding

The bride (Dakota), groom (Pepper), and minister
(JayJay) during the ceremony


Randi Jill said...

That is so, I mean funny!! I hope the happy couple will have many good years together with lots of little, I mean rabbits!

horses said...

that is so cute! i hope they live happily ever after to the end of their days...according to bilbo baggins