Tuesday, September 28, 2010

lake tahoe.

I am in the city that is in both California and Nevada! Haven't been here since I was four.
We aren't in a hotel, we got ourselves a cabin! My grandparents know a guy that owns a cabin in Lake Tahoe, and they called us and asked if we would join them! Of course!
In the cabin, there are five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Much bigger than our three bedroom house!

Jet skiing

The bedrooms are really cool. My parents and grandparents picked the most ordinary ones. There's the rock room. It has rocks in the room! It's pretty cool. Then there's the room where the kids sleep. It has a bunk bed with a pull out on the bottom! Sweet! The room with the king sized bed is next to ours.
So far, we have gone kayaking, jet skiing, and climbed some rocks in our yard. We have watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid, gone swimming in out own pool, went Miniature Golfing, and ate. Yum!

Mini Golfing

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