Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so much to say.

A lot has happened since I last posted!

First, there was the windstorm. I didn't know about it until after a little while. I was sewing with my 4-H leader and I heard this huge banging noise (she has a barn that homes horses, her sewing room, rabbits, a cat, sometimes a dog, and chickens). She said, "I'm going to shut those doors." I went out with her. I saw the big, green, unmovable (or so I thought) doors banging all around! My 4-H leader chained them down, and no more noise was made. Then, she said, "The horses! I thought they were snug in their stalls!" The minute the two heard her voice, they came running. Nikie got there first, and I led her in (she was being very obedient). My leader led Jamie (who open the stall door for her-she's good at that). When I was out there, I literally thought I would be blown over by the wind! Yikes!

Pepper. He is my male Netherland Dwarf (pictures are coming!). I am trying to find a female to breed with him. If you know someone selling a white, pure-bred, female Netherland Dwarf, please comment and tell me so! If you want to know, he was gray. He is turning brown! Did you know that is is the smallest breed of all rabbits? They are full grown at 2 1/2 lbs.!

Father Daughter Dance is coming up! Hope to see you all there!

I am hoping to change my blog background soon. I might do it right after this, I'm not sure. I might also change my profile picture.

I will soon post about the Valintines day party at ACE!

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