Sunday, January 10, 2010

ace and drama club.

Hello, again!
A few days ago, I said I was signed up for drama club. IT WAS AWESOME! Have you ever watched 'Who's Line is it, Anyway?' Well, lots of kids at ACE have. We played that TV show! It's like a party. There is a host, and about four other people. Everyone except for the host picks a feeling. I picked shy. You knock on the door (if you're not the host) and start acting your feeling. Since I was shy, I chewed my shirt, and didn't walk in the door when it was answered. The host said, "You can come in". I mumbled, "Okay" and walked in. It's hard not to laugh through the whole game! And there were lots of people at drama, so we played twice. One group was the audience, one group played the game. Then we switched. It was so funny! Through the game, you interact with people. Like, the host said to me (after I hid under the chair) "We have cupcakes". I shook my head. I laughed right there, too! When the host thinks she knows every one's feeling, she says them all. It's a really fun game! I think I'm going to really enjoy drama club!


Randi Jill said...

We watch "Who's Line is it, Anyway" -- it's really a funny show (if you can get past Drew Carey, that is). That's improv (short for improvisation)...very hard to do. You have to think fast. Good for you for going for it! You really WERE acting to play a shy girl! Ha!

Trixster Gator said...

Love your Blog Grace. Wonderful.