Thursday, August 6, 2009

a week at the fair.

This week my cute little Simba has been at the fair! He was shown on Tuesday, showed today, and has got lots of attention. I bought a new bunny and I will get pictures of her as soon as I can. She is a grey, baby Netherland Dwarf. They don't get very big. At full grown, they are less than four pounds. Pretty small! I am so tired, I have been getting up early (well, its early to me!) and going to bed late. If you are going to the Douglas County Fair (DCF), stop be the rabbit barn!

The chickens there are very noisey!


Grace said...

Pepper (the baby rabbit) is NOT a boy. Last month, I was practicing with Pepper and realized HE is a boy.

Randi Jill said...

Is Pepper your new bunny? I heard about your adventures at the fair. Between your sewing projects, your bunnies, including having a rare bunny, you did very well! Good work!