Sunday, July 5, 2009

three events.

Hello! I've got a lot of things to talk about...One, Happy Birthday, Mom! June 29th was my her birthday! She turned 38, I am giving her a late present that is not done yet--I'm making her an apron! My dad, brother, and sister got her flowers which we planted today. I posted a picture of the cake. Second, you've seen Nala, Simba, and Thunder on my last post. Nala does not get love, and has gotten out a number of times. So we gave her to my friend whom I've known since preschool. She is in 4-H with me and has a rabbit about the size of Nala named Cocoa. She raised Cocoa, and both of the rabbits have quite an attitude (which explains why she is so good with Nala). So, now Nala is gone. We gave her to that friend who loves her so much. Last but not least: Happy Late Fourth Of July! A few weeks ago we made shirts just for yesterday. They are brown tank-tops that we painted fireworks and flags on. I'm wearing mine right now! I posted some not-so-good-pictures of the fireworks. We get a perfect view of them on our front lawn. I love my next door neighbor. She got up and had an urge to bake (that's how my mom says it happened), and called to say she couldn't eat all of it. So we had lots of dessert last night! Well, see ya later!

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Randi Jill said...

I guess that answers my last question about Nala. Does Megan miss her? Your mom's birthday cake looks too beautiful to eat!