Friday, October 5, 2012

award from britt.

Hey guys!  First of all, I want to say I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging.  School started, our church is going through some difficult times, and I'm planning my birthday party (oh my gosh you guys should come!).

Sorry about not doing Talking on Tuesday.... people have not gotten back to me on that.  I sent questions for the interview to three or four people, and only one sent answers back.  So, I will have interviews from time to time, they just won't be weekly.

Anyway... onto the award!

Britt - thanks so much! :D


1. Write about what you write about on your blog
2. Award 5 bloggers (originally it said award 10-15 bloggers, but I think that's a bit much)

On {growing up grace}, I post about so many things.  Awkward tween moments, funny stories, photography, the Bible, and just plain life.  I write secret letters to people (secret meaning the people who I'm writing to don't know that I'm writing about them...), I post about my friends, and I just let people know what's going on in my life.  To my friends, I'm known as the chatterbox who needs to just shut up sometimes (lol), so blogging lets me talk as much as I want to;) 

I award...


Aunie @ Aunie Sauce
Melissa @ Girls for God
The first person to comment!

And Britt... you know I would award you if you didn't award me first!


Britt said...

Thanks for posting this!! : ) You are so sweet!

Ireland said...

Love it! Very cute!! Do I count as the first comment? :)

Meena said...

daw! thanks! i'll put it at the end of my next post! thanks again!

Kaylee Smith said...

Awww! Thanks Grace!