Saturday, September 1, 2012

school stories.

Ya, I blog about school too much, I know.

But I have funny/awesome/crazy/amazing stories to tell you!!!

On Monday...

This was before I knew anybody.
A: how old are you?
Me: 12
J: A, are you checking out Grace?

On Tuesday...
J (different than the one above): Hey, Mr. S, since you're a police officer, can you buy a taser?
Mr. S: Yes, I can.
J: Will you buy me one?
Mr. S: No. That would not be responsible of me.
Me: Will you buy me one?
Mr. S: Sure!
J: Oh so you'll buy one for a girl but not me?
Mr. S: Correct.

On Friday...
We got into groups of three in English. I was in a group with S and C. A (same A in the story on Monday) was in a group next to me.
I forgot what A was doing, but S said "A, stop hitting on Grace and let us work!"

So... school has been awkward. But funny.

During lunch, people get out their guitars and start singing. It's really cool. Think of Hollywood Arts from Victorious... outside, lots of music, awesome funny people... it's a lot like that.

And I love it!

What school do you go to? What do you like about it?


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Haha :)

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I changed my blog name from "Sophia's Desk" to HildaLD. Here's the link: