Sunday, September 9, 2012

movie review: geek charming.

Such a cute movie :)

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Summary: Dylan has to win Blossom Queen. It would make her even more popular than she is now! She has the coolest boyfriend, the prettiest friends, and her dad is rich. But is she popular enough to win? Her rival, Nicole, also has a chance at the crown.
Josh has his own problems. He needs to come up for a subject for his new movie, which he is going to enter in the Film Festival. He decides to go with popularity, and he wants Dylan to star in it.
Dylan sees this as an opportunity to be better than Nicole. If she has a movie made about herself, there's no way Nicole could win!
As Josh continues to film Dylan, he sees that she's more than a snobby rich girl. Spoiler alert! Behind the super pretty and snobby popular girl, there's a heartbroken girl who's lost her mom. Her mom was the Blossom Queen in 1985, and Dylan is determined to be just like her.

Romance: Kissing (not until the end of the movie), dating, terrible boyfriends

Violence: None

Language: None

Other: name calling

Rating/Age: 3.9 stars/9+

What I Thought: Man, this was a cute movie. I loved it! The acting was great. I love how Dylan is like a real person, instead of just a movie character.

*This movie is on Netflix!*


Hilda said...

I recorded the movie from TV and was close to deleting it, but am glad I kept it. It's not so bad. :)

Jimmy Jarred said...

This movie delivers so many good messages for young ones. I saw it multiple times and do appreciate the makes of this movie.
Geek Charming