Friday, June 1, 2012

picture perfect photo challenge.

Happy June!!!

It was those words that gave me the theme for my third photo challenge.

The theme is: Happy.

Think anything happy! It could be a child laughing, or a heart, or coffee (yes, coffee makes me happy). Express your June Happiness!

Please excuse my weird poetic-but-not-poetic-at-all little sentence above.

What makes you happy? Post your photo to facebook, your blog, photo bucket, or another photo-sharing website, and comment the link! If I get five or more entries, I will pick three finalists, and then YOU will vote for your favorite! If I get four or less entries, YOU don't get to vote.

Remember to link back to {growing up grace}! You have ALL MONTH to enter! Winners will be announced on July 1st!

After you upload your photo, comment a link on any post. Thanks!!!

**THERE ARE NO PRIZES. This is just fun!**

The button:


Kaylee Smith said...

Could I email it to you?

{Grace} said...

emailing is just fine!

Rachel said...


--Rachel s