Sunday, June 10, 2012

movie review: the help.

Summary: I really liked this movie. What's so cool about it is that it's like a fun history movie! The Civil War was in the 1800s, and still in the 1960s, white people are considered better than black people.... everyone thinks that... except for Skeeter. She wants to be a writer, and she wants her first book to help dark-skinned people. Can she keep her book a secret from her racist friends?

Romance: Skeeter goes on a date; getting pregnant before marriage;

Violence: Black people get arrested;

Language: Dam-; s---;

Other: Very low-cut dress;

What I thought: I haven't read the book (Mom read and says I can wait until I'm a teen...), but the movie was really good. I loved it! There is a lot of bad language, but other than that, one of the best movies ever! The characters are super funny, and all the little toddlers are adorable!

Rating/Age: 4.5 stars. Age 12-13+

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Britt said...

I like this movie a lot too! Other than some of the bad language in it I really enjoyed it. The black ladies in it were really funny!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the movie!!

Jimmy Jarred said...

Incredible movie. I find this movie quite real and its very close to my heart as I do like it very much.
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