Thursday, March 1, 2012

new week new blog {week six}.

Hello, and welcome to New Week New Blog; a great place to find new blogs and meet new people.

Everyday Emma is a super cute blog by a super cute girl. She posts about her life, Christianity, and design. She does a lot of designing, and her own blog design changes about once a month (and it's always adorable.)

She hosts giveaways, and blogs about giveaways she believes her readers would enjoy. And, speaking of giveaways...

She wants to have one for her blog's birthday.

And she wants it to be HUGE. {click here for more info}

But in order to have a HUGE giveaway, you need lots of followers. So, I am asking you to help her reach 100 followers!

Here is her button (how cute is it?!)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Grace for blogging about it!


Anonymous said...

I love Emma! :)