Thursday, March 29, 2012

movie review: dolphin tale.

Dolphin Tale starts with Sawyer: a quiet kid in Summer School. His dad left five years before, so his cousin, Kyle, is like a father to him. Kyle has just graduated high school and is a pro swimmer. He wants to train for the Olympics, but doesn't have the money. He becomes a soldier for the U.S. Army, leaving Sawyer all alone.
Sawyer is riding his bike home from Summer School when a strange man calls him over to the beach. He found a dolphin curled up on the shore. They call her in, and she is rescued. About a week later, Sawyer sneeks into the dolphin's new home, and becomes friends with the owner's daughter, Hazel. Hazel's Dad soon tells them that they will have to amputate the dolphin's tail. Will she survive?

Romance: None

Violence: Blood on the dolphin, Kyle goes to war and loses his leg

Other: None


Bailey said...

Thanks Grace! We might watch this tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I want to watch this movie so bad! Do you know if there is anything inappropriate for like a 5-7 year olds?