Saturday, February 25, 2012

scripture saturday - honor.

Welcome to {growing up grace}'s FIRST EVER Scripture on Saturday!

Today I'm going to be talking about honor.

Honor. It seems everyone wants part of it. If Mom comes in and says, “The living room looks so clean!”, you are bound to hear a “I cleaned it!” from somebody, and then you see them standing there, waiting for praise, and then mom looking at the bookshelves, they are dusted! The toys that were there earlier are now gone! The child smiles, thinking, I totally deserve this praise and honor.

After an athlete has finished a race, and everyone is cheering. He looks around for familiar faces that must be smiling, for they are lucky that they became friends before he found his athletic abilities, otherwise he would have never bothered to even talk to them. He looks at the crowd, I am worthy of this honor.

Proverbs 15:33 says, “...humility comes before honor.” One must come to know the LORD, and pray that He would make them humble, before even considering hearing the slightest bit of honor, maybe a “Great job!” from a friend, or even a smile from a parent. However, you cannot show off all the work that you have done, that is not humble at all. Think about it; if you get into a very clean car, and you are admiring it’s “freshness”, would you want to listen to the driver brag about how much time he put into it? Would you want to hear about everything he did for the car?

Romans 13:7 says “...honor to whom honor is due.” Like I pointed out above, you will only get honor after working hard. Also, honor other people if you have seen them doing something honorable. 1st Peter 2:17 says “Honor everyone...” That must mean honor everyone (I read between the lines).

Don’t expect honor, do all work that you can, and honor people when you see that you can.

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