Saturday, February 18, 2012

im sorry i havent blogged in forever.

See, I set up the blog before I had an email... so this is under my Dad's email... and you can't change your email that you use to sign in. Naturally, my Dad doesn't want me to know his password... and someone (I'm thinking Jarrett) signed me out of blogger...

SO! Because I have not blogged in FOREVER I thought I might make a BIG post that has a little bit of EVERYTHING!

First of all... there is a giveaway at Diary of a Beautiful Soul!!! It ends on the 29th... so hurry and enter! There is a camera ring (adorable!), mockingjay earrings (cute!) and some other necklaces (yay!).

Click here!


Look at this adorable headband holder that i made with a Quaker oats box and contact paper!


Check out my nails!!! Cute, right? For more "nail inspiration," go to No Naked Nails!


You guys want to see some of my latest photography, right?
Yes, yes we do!
Okay. ;)


This is Olive's puppy, Howard. Isn't he cute?!

These are my fishies ;)

I'll post about bunnies later...

HEY!!! What should I post about??? Comment below!


Anonymous said...

You can post about your day and have challanges/contests.

Hope those helped.


Anonymous said...

I agree that more contests would be fantabulous! Also, more about your walk with Jesus. (Are you involved in a youth group? If so, what do you do there?) Hope this helps ;D