Saturday, January 14, 2012


I feel like talking to someone, so I picked YOU.

I am...
1. waiting for my mom to pick me up so that I can clean some horse stalls, feed some ducks and roosters, and collect some chicken eggs
2. wanting that non-fat peppermint mocha that my mom is bringing me from STARBUCKS
3. so happy that I have 54 followers
4. typing on blogger
5. wanting some people to enter in my photo challenge...right now I have two entries (thank you to the two people who have entered so far!)
6. having fun looking at headers that I have designed
7. wanting to see all my BCF!!! (best california friends)
8. wanting 4-H to start
9. wanting either (1) snow to come or (2) winter to go away
10. needing photography and painting inspiration
11. wanting to be a wizard for a week (I watch too much Disney Channel....)
12. wanting to write a book (like, a REAL book), but finding it very hard.
13. thinking about the AWESOME kids I babysat last night
14. trying to think of other things to write
15. wanting that COFFEE!!!
16. totally out of ideas of things to type
17. singing "The ABCs"
18. loving this list!!!
19. wondering if this should be a link up...
20. deciding not to turn in into a link up

Mom is here - BYE!


Blythe said...
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Blythe said...
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Caroline said...

Haha thats a funny post!!!! I wish I had 54 followers!! LOL

Ireland said...

Ha! I love this post! You make me laugh! I could take some coffee from Starbucks to right now! I agree with Caroline, wish I had 54 followers to!